The Great Scarecrow Hunt

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Grab your phone and get ready to explore Eureka! We're so excited for you to visit the Scarecrows during the Eureka Scarecrow Festival that we’re going to give away big cash prizes to three lucky winners!   

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


You could have over 200 entries if you submit a selfie with every registered scarecrow! This fun event competition is designed with everyone in mind. You can participant individually, as a family, or as a group!

How to Play - Official Rules

To be counted as an Official entry, each entry must contain the following:

  • Your post must be set to PUBLIC

  • Take a selfie with a registered scarecrow while visiting the Eureka Scarecrow Festival. You can find the addresses of registered scarecrows here or you can locate them by viewing our online map

  • Post each photo separately on your personal Facebook page between October 1-30. 1 Selfie with tags  = 1 Entry

  • In each Facebook post, you must tag the Scarecrow Festival page @ScarecrowFestivalEurekaMO

      AND the Company or organization that has the scarecrow. (You can tag either in the text of your post or in the photo)

  • If no company or organization is listed on the scarecrow, tagging the scarecrow festival is the only tag necessary.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Each unique selfie (photo) must be with a different registered scarecrow and tagged properly to count as an entry. Duplicate entries of the same photo (for those in group photos) will not be counted multiple times unless each person in the photo adds it to their personal profile and tags it properly (you can't share someone else's post). 

  • Please Note: An individual participant may only win one of the three prizes.

On November 1st we will draw three winners out of the entries. The more selfies you take the more entries you will have. The drawing will be streamed Live on the Eureka Scarecrow Festival Facebook page.