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Hello Scarecrow Builders! We've made an easy guide to help YOU build your scarecrow. This resource page will provide you with tips, tricks, Youtube videos, and URL links to find exactly what you are looking for. This is just a guide to get you started - so get creative! We can't wait to see all of the scarecrows!

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Step By Step Guide

The Basics

The most important thing is that it can be INEXPENSIVE + CREATIVE at the same time! Make your scarecrow UNIQUE to your business!


Start with an Idea

Pinterest is your BEST Friend! Brainstorm ideas of what you want your scarecrow to be. Write them down, take screenshots, and relate them back to your business.

Example: Our business primarily focuses on children and selling items to children. Our scarecrow could include a theme of back to school, playground theme, favorite children's book, and the list could go on! Check out this link for scarecrows related to children/back to school.


Create YOUR Message

Write down your MESSAGE that you want to broadcast to your audience. After you have that, it will be easier to think of what supplies you want to make your scarecrow.

Example: Theme -- Children | Back to School.

Message: You are the SHARPEST Crayon! (Include bits & pieces that will translate the audience to think about your business)


Make a Sketch

Create a sketch to get your brain thinking of what you want to display! Like I said, Pinterest and Google will help a lot of what you're trying to create.

Example: I want to include one BIG scarecrow crayon + 2 other little crayons to signify the middle one is the sharpest. Each child can be the sharpest.


Buy the Supplies!

The name of the game is to buy supplies affordably!

Down below, we've included the best spots to buy your supplies + links!


Make a Supply List

We've created a supply list for you - yay! Add anything to the list that may be unique to your business.

Example: For your specific scarecrow, you may need crayon tops, crayon box, spray paint, etc.


Put together the Scarecrow

Give yourself ample time to put together this scarecrow. Invite your company team to help!

No worries - we have exact how-to videos on how to create a scarecrow!

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Scarecrow How-To

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YouTube tutorials

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Scarecrow Supply List

**This is a tentative list of items that you made need to create (begin) your scarecrow. It is not a complete list since every scarecrow will be unique in its own way. **

Old Clothes

Description: Cover the scarecrow

Supplies: Go to goodwill, the mission, or anywhere to find old clothes!

Where to buy: Goodwill, Thrift stores, Marshalls, Tj Maxx


Description: Tying the scarecrow together


Link 1: https://www.michaels.com/natural-jute-twine-by-ashland/10556683.html

Link 2: https://www.amazon.com/KINGLAKE-Natural-Christmas-Gardening-Applications/dp/B00WHXQIJA/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=twine&qid=1629125072&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyNTVWWVQ4RDJUQjNZJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNDE1Mjg0TjFKRzY3REZFQTFJJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTEwMzA3MTIyNUZWUU5RNzBTNDU5JndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==

Where to buy: Hobby Lobby, Michaels


Description: Can use for arms OR Stuff your flannel shirt


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/PetiDream-Netting-Stops-Plants-Vegetables/dp/B07PTBZXHB/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=netting+scarecrow&qid=1629125019&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzRDBHNU5XTjBZNkNQJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMTk5MzczMk83T0ZWM0RXOEVLQyZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwODA5MzEzM0VKQURWS1lYS045RCZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

Where to buy: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon


Description: Use for a scarecrow head


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/Tosnail-Natural-Burlap-Projects-Wedding/dp/B07TPT25JD/ref=sr_1_4_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=burlap&qid=1629125127&sr=8-4-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzMlBMVVpJTEREWldJJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUExMDExODczMlFKMkdDWVpCVzZFUCZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwODg1Mzg0MzdHQ1owTEJYSVJGWiZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

Link 2: https://www.michaels.com/search?q=burlap

Where to buy: Hobby Lobby, Michaels


Description: Use for hands + feet; Can stuff the whole body with straw


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/AA-Plus-Shop-Natural-Bedding/dp/B082876PSP/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=straw&qid=1629125172&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&smid=A3M3S1DQI6VE0L&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExSEFLOUlFWVRWNjhGJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMzMzNDAyMjVaSzFaMjVLNVpVQiZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMDIxOTE1MlI2VDNRMVVYUFJXVyZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

Best to find at your local store! Or a farmer you know!

Where to buy: Walmart, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Michaels

Accessories | hat, boots, etc

Description: Add creativity to your scarecrow


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=scarecrow+accessories&crid=1ZRZD30YPQSZT&sprefix=scarecrow+acc%2Caps%2C224&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_13

Go to goodwill, the mission, or anywhere to find old clothes!

Where to buy: Goodwill, Thrift stores, Marshalls, Walmart


Description: Keeps the Scarecrow standing correctly; Just need 3-4


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/Hydrofarm-HGBB4-Natural-Bamboo-Stake/dp/B0051GUQO8/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=bamboo&qid=1629125263&sr=8-3

Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, Nurseries

Old Pillow

Description: Use for Face or Stuffing


Link 1: https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=pillow

Where to buy: Goodwill, at your house!

Old Newspapers

Supplies: Find Cheap Newspapers at Dollar Tree!

Where to buy: Dollar Tree

Safety Pins

Description: Attaching clothes & other accessories to the scarecrow


Link 1: https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=safety%20pins

Where to buy: Walmart


Description: Tie off Arms + Legs


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/WYMAODAN-Cotton-Purpose-Craft-Twisted/dp/B093TZ35RL/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=scarecrow+rope&qid=1629125473&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyV1VOSEVVMlc2QjBEJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMTk1MDU2MjBXU1oySVdSUDUwUyZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMjQ0OTA4M1EzNlpPOE5ZVDBRNCZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

Link 2: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-550-Utility-Paracord-Rope-Black-5-32-inch-x-50-feet-110-lb-Load-Max/723218884

Where to buy: Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels


Description: Marking on the scarecrow

Supplies: Walmart

Where to buy: Walmart


Where to buy: Walmart


Description: Paint the face of the scarecrow. Use acrylic paint if it rains!


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/Caliart-Supplies-Painting-Pigments-Beginners/dp/B08BNNV3JY/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=outdoor+paint&qid=1629125798&sr=8-3-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyU0RUUUgzMkhMSEtRJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMDU3OTczMk5ZWVVMUFBWNTdBTSZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMzgyOTM1M1BMOTJCWE9ZUDNUJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==

Link 2: https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=paint

Where to buy: Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels


Description: Can use to build the scarecrow


Description: Tying anything off


Link 1: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=zip+ties&ref=nb_sb_noss_2